I have NOT been doing so well on one of my 2014 goals – to post here regularly!  So for February I’m going to focus on that.  I actually can’t believe that January 2014 is already done – time is flying!

So, the new job is going pretty well – I really like it a lot!  I have set myself a fairly regular schedule but love that there is flexibility available if I need it for anything.  Tony’s travel has really increased too so me being available for the girls has been extremely helpful.  I am definitely saving a lot of time each day with not having to do full hair, make up, commute to work, attend meetings and consultant lunches, etc.  I am able to spend work time concentrating on actually recruiting which has been great!  I’m still a newbie in the role and building my network in Atlanta but overall I am SO happy that I have made the change.  Plus I have these awesome companions!

My Co-workers!

My Co-workers!

The other great thing about working from home is that it enables me to have a lot more time to cook healthy, plant-based meals.  This week alone I was excited to be able to feed the girls Vegan Lasagna and Vegan Chili – both of which went over extremely well with them (yippee)!  Even the daughters’ boyfriend liked it – big win!  I have been getting lots of ideas, inspiration and actual recipes from Oh She Glows and Hummusapien .  While not all of Alexis’ recipes at Hummsapien are vegan they ARE vegetarian and with a few minor changes I can make them vegan.

On another note, I am LOVING Costco for plant based shopping.  Check this out:

Yummy Plants!

Yummy Plants!

How great is THAT?  Their prices are really competitive.  Of course not items are organic but some are……and, hey,  I’m going for progress – not perfection!

So along with work and all of the plant cooking I have been doing the workouts for the Half Ironman!  I am really excited that I have kept to the schedule and I do feel myself getting stronger.  I’ve been doing the majority of my workouts inside since it continues to be incredibly cold outside.  Luckily there have been a few windows of opportunity to run outdoors and my “long” runs have been able to be outside.  Tony has been doing those with me which I REALLY appreciate.  The most difficult thing so far has been the two 45 mile bike rides that I’ve done inside on the trainer.  Thank goodness for podcasts as they REALLY help during that time.  I have a 50 miler on the schedule this week and will be listening to this guy while riding 2+ hours to nowhere.  If nothing else I think the monotony of the indoor training is really building mental toughness which I KNOW will be necessary in the race.  Here is what I have so far:

Training January 2014

Training January 2014

It’s about 30 hours for January.  I am using the phone app for Beginner Triathlete which is a site I LOVE.  I would definitely recommend it for anyone interested in triathlon – there is a TON of information available.  Anyhow,  I know that February will bring more training – starting tomorrow there is a 4th workout of each discipline each week.  I’m both nervous and excited about it!

I am incredibly grateful to have this opportunity to pursue my athletic goals as well as be available to my family.  Sometimes I feel like I am living in a dream! Thanks Tony (if you read this!)

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