Life is busy…..

Life is so busy I have not posted in a couple days – bad me!  I really can’t believe it is already Wednesday night.  So what have we been up to…….let’s see – workouts and work have been taking up most of our time!

Monday we did a swim workout.  I had about 2200 yards and it was more for distance and nothing really at super high intensity except a couple of 25s with 1-2 breaths.  Those were TOUGH – especially at the end of the workout – but I got em done.  Tony’s workout was different so I’m not sure exactly what he did but it was swimming!

Yesterday we tried something different – our bike trainers!  We had gotten the Kirk Kinetic trainers but had not set them up yet.  I think it is this one but I’m not 100% sure.  We had points from our Discover card and were able to use them for Overstock gift certificates where we found the trainers!  Total score as we wanted to get some but really didn’t want to spend actual cash on them.  Anyhow, we had not set them up but did so on Monday night.  Tuesday called for a fairly long workout and our gym doesn’t open till 5am.  I really need to be in the shower by 6:30 to get to work on time so it was easier to do the bike/run at home.  We have this little room off of our bedroom that has our biggest TV so set up the trainers there.  Check it out:

The set-up

The set-up

Yeah – those are old sheets we are using for our “mats”……good thing we did though since after a hour and 15 minute ride we were gross, nasty, sweaty peeps – literally could’ve wrung us out! We were HOT and not in a good way!



After that little ride it was time for a 2 mile run!  That actually felt great – we went outside and got to cool down a bit.  Tough workout but great way to start the day!

Speaking of the day mine was cray-cray busy!  I had a few interviews (candidates in to the office) as well as a few personal appointments.  One was taking the dogs to get groomed.  We have two little white dogs – a Maltese and a Maltepoo.  The Maltese came back looking super cute.  Check it out!

Awww - the groomer did my hair!

Awww – the groomer did my hair!

Doesn’t he look adorable?  Yes – I said HE!  Why did they put PINK BOWS on my BOY DOG?  He already has serious anger issues and bites everyone.  I’m sure this is not going to help……I probably need the number of a good pet therapist.

Lastly – today is HUMP DAY!  Wednesdays are wonderful.  It was a swim day for me and I did some seriously hard intervals which felt good.  It was like speed work in in the pool!  A total love/hate relationship but I know it will make me faster so I’m happy to do it.  Plus, it burns calories which makes me even happier!

Tomorrow we are running with our buddy Jill for some intervals and Friday she is joining us again for a long 11 mile run.  I use to not like running with anyone at all but now I really enjoy having a few of us – I love the accountability factor PLUS I like having someone to talk to on the long runs!  Time flies when having fun right?

Anyhow – I thought I’d end with a better picture of us to help compensate for the skanky sweaty ones I posted above!  This is from St. Patrick’s Day and yes, my shirt says 26.2!  Thanks, Jill, for the great post Marathon present!


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