Weekend recap!

Well I meant to get this up earlier but things like work and whatnot kind of got in the way!  We had a GREAT weekend which of course went by way too fast!

Friday night we went to this really cool restaurant Sushinami – we had been once before and they had some great vegetable options.  Tony and I both love the salad with ginger dressing and this place actually has a large size – um – yes please!

This salad was ahhh-MAZ-ing!

This salad was ahhh-MAZ-ing!

We also got these sweet potato things that are fried and have some powdered sugar sprinkled on them and are served with a side of Tobasco.  I know it might not SOUND good but it does TASTE good!

Sweet Potato delight!

Sweet Potato delight!

Lastly we ordered some veggie rolls.  They actually  didn’t have much listed on the menu in the way of veggie rolls but we just asked what kinds of vegetables were available and they put them together for us.  On a side note, when we went to this Mexican place on Sunday they also told us they had 4-5 vegetarian options that were not on the menu which we could “veganize” by leaving off cheese, sour cream, etc .  You really CAN make it work when dining out by just asking a few questions.  Oh, and the list of side dishes frequently can be a good place to look for plant based options.

OK back to the rolls – they were fabulous!



All that eating and no workout on Friday – our current training plan has Fridays listed as rest days – and I take them!

Saturday Tony and I headed to the gym with Lexy.  After a quick weight workout we all hit the pool for some laps.  This was my first time in the water since Puerto Rico and it felt GOOD!  I always forget how much I enjoy swimming until I am back in the water.  It really is a good complement to running to since it is gentle on the body.  The best part was that Lexy got in the water too!  She has officially started the swim portion of her triathlon training!  YAY!  Mother/Daughter bonding moment :)

For Sunday we were suppose to do a 10K race but there were no local 10Ks that I saw on the Georgia Running Calendar for Sunday and not even many to choose from on Saturday so we decided to run a fast 6 miles on our own.  My first 3 miles felt SO good and were SO fast (meaning fast for me) – it was awesome!  But then we had to turn around and run back.  Um, yeah, I had gone out WAY too fast.  Regardless, it got done and my pace was 8:42 which is incredibly good for me at that distance.


Oh, and because I burned 603 calories according to the above picture we had to replenish.  We decided fajitas and a margarita would do the trick and stopped by this adorable restaurant we had seen a few times – PURE.  It did not disappoint – we will be back for sure!

We went to the Aplharetta location – how cute is this place?

pure 2 pure1

And how good does this look?

drink fajaitas

Lastly………..today I applied to be a “Sweat Pink” ambassador over at Fit Approach which is a “healthy community” site with a blog ,inspiration, transformation stories and lots of other great stuff.  One of the things I like best is that they have a program for college students.  It’s a great way for young adults to get involved and on track to a healthy lifestyle as opposed to becoming a victim of the “freshman 15″.  This is especially close to my heart because Lexy will be heading off to college next fall and I think a program like Sweat Pink University would be great for her.  Stay tuned for more information on this!



Where did the week go?

This week has been insanely busy!  I’m pretty sure that I use to think that people who work from home didn’t really do much.  NOT THE CASE!  Now that I’m doing that I find that although, yes, I have flexibility, I also find it difficult to step away from the desk.  On top of work stuff and my class starting this week (YAY – LOVE it so far!) Tony was traveling.  That just meant that I had to do all the kid-related stuff myself.  I am NOT complaining, and the girls are FAR from babies anymore, but there are still plenty of things that I do for them.  Make breakfast, make lunches, make their beds, straighten up their bathroom every morning after they leave for school.  Yes, I probably do more for them then I should.  The result is that they have failed to learn certain things – like how to replace the toilet paper:

But putting it on the roll is TOO HARDDDDDD.....

But putting it on the roll is TOO HARDDDDDD…..

This is what I found in the bathroom.  I will take time this weekend to instruct them on how the TP holder works.

Runs have been on plan.  The day got away from me yesterday so I took that as a rest and did yesterday’s run today – basically just switched the two days.  Tomorrow is “easy run or rest” so I think I’ll actually get in the pool with Lexy.  It will be a good cross training workout and I have not been swimming since Puerto Rico 70.3 in April!

Oh, I tried to put together a collage of food pics for “What I Ate Wednesday” but that obviously didn’t happen so here are some eats from the week :

IMG_7406 IMG_7409 IMG_7412 IMG_7414 IMG_7415

Note – hummus with Siracha is da BOMB!  Also, chic peas with sea salt as a snack are not bad at all :)  This week I have been trying to get through what is in the fridge – don’t want to waste anything!  We didn’t go through things as quickly as usual since we were down one person with Tony traveling but overall we did fairly well.  I hope to try a new recipe this weekend – one that I REALLY want to do is the Cinnamon Berry Fig Bars from Southern Blonde Vegan – they look AMAZE-BALLS and not too difficult.  Sarah’s food pictures are gorgeous – check out her blog or Instagram (be prepared to drool!)

Tonight – sushi date!  Minus the actual sushi……we will do veggie rolls and wine.  Should be fun!

Have a great weekend!


So……….I’m a dork

I am not the most detailed person in the world………I can be really anal about some things – following a training plan, running past my house till I hit the mile marker on my Garmin – those types of things. In other areas – well not so much!  Case in point – my class (yes, the one that I’m SO excited about) did not start on Monday as I thought.  It starts tomorrow…….. When I registered it said September 24th but I just assumed it was a Monday and didn’t pay much attention to the date outside of “September 20-somthing”.  I went to log on Monday and it said i had “no available classes at this time”.  I freaked out for a minute then pulled up my receipt to confirm I had in fact actually registered (I had).  Then I looked at the date…..oopsie…… Oh well, better early then late I guess.  So tomorrow I will be getting started.  For real this time.  I really, truly mean it.  Really!


In other news my older daughter is excited to do a triathlon with me – yippee!  Goal is Steelhead 70.3 next summer (she will be 18 then).  We will do other races prior to then to get her ready.  I am so thrilled that she has this interest and is actually open to working out (and racing) with me!  Tony and I had decided to do a Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving this year and I had asked the girls if they wanted to do the 5k while we did the 10K.  Lexy opted for the 10K and Athena opted for sleeping in that day.  Monica over at Run, Eat, Repeat had posted a 10K training plan for a Thanksgiving Day Turkey Trot so I printed that off for Lexy and she started it this week.

Workouts are back on plan!  As previously posted I took off Saturday but did the scheduled 8 mile run Sunday.  Yesterday called for “Strength and Stretching” which I did and then today was an easy 4 miles and I did that on the treadmill while Lexy did her 3 miles.  I’m feeling much better and SO glad I took Saturday off!  Tomorrow is a tempo run so I’m prepared to go a little harder and, believe it or not,  I’m actually looking forward to it.

Food has been really yummy.  We have a lot of produce in the fridge so I’ve been making some pretty big salads and I also made some butternut squash soup.  Technically it’s “Butternut Squash / Onion / Sweet Potato / Carrot” soup and it’s super yummy – especially with a tablespoon of Hemp Hearts sprinkled over top!

Butternut Squash Soup

Butternut Squash Soup

Please excuse that cell phone shadow in the picture.  I must work on my photography skills!

The soup is super simple to make.  I cut up an onion and saute it (in a tiny bit of water) in a soup pot.  Once it browns up a bit I put 6-8 cups of water (or veggie broth if you have it – I’ve done it both ways)  in along with a cubed butter nut squash, a peeled and cubed sweet potato, a couple carrots and 2-3 bay leaves.  I also toss in about a tsp of sea salt and a bit of pepper.  You can season it however you want.  I’ve done it with cinnamon and cloves before too.  Cook on medium/high for about 30 minutes.  Once everything is soft (poke with fork to make sure pieces are tender) let the mixture cool.  Remove bay leaves and puree in batches and return to the pot to warm up.  Sometimes I also add some rice at this point (already cooked) or a bit of dry cracked wheat which I allow to cook in the soup.  This just thickens it even more and gives it another taste.  The soup was soup-er awesome with this salad:


Oh – I also found some zucchini in the fridge that Tony had bought when I was in Michigan.  I had to use those babies up as they were not going to last much longer.  A quick Google Search resulted in me finding this recipe for Zucchini Bread.   Gotta love Angela at Oh She Glows – I always find great recipes there.  Soooo I kind of followed it but kinda not.  I left out the nuts, raisins and didn’t do the topping.  I also didn’t use spelt flour cuz I didn’t have any.  BUT it still turned out really good!

Mix wet and dry ingredients separately before mixing them together

Mix wet and dry ingredients separately before mixing them together

Put in loaf pan which I greased with coconut oil

Put in loaf pan which I greased with coconut oil

One hour later - ready to eat!

One hour later – ready to eat!

It’s been a fun few days in the kitchen for sure.

Time for bed – but first a couple random cat pictures!  I had to take the little one in for shots today – he was SO good!  The Vet Tech said Nugget was a “perfect cat” – awwww – love the little dude!

Seriously - could he be any cuter?

Seriously – could he be any cuter?

And, not to be out done, Chester had to be cute today too by playing with my mouse.  Makes it difficult to work but it’s worth it!

Cat and Mouse - get it?

Cat and Mouse – get it?

See – told you I’m a dork – cat pictures and all!

Sunday Funday!

Happy Sunday!  I hope everyone is having a great weekend!  Mine started out on a B-L-A-H note – for no other reason than I was feeling REALLY run down.  Friday was a rest day according to our workout plan and thank goodness for that since I don’t think I could have done anything if I had wanted to!  Tony and I kept it really low key Friday night with a trip to Whole Foods.  We started by first going to the food bar and getting dinner so we wouldn’t over shop due to hunger.  The Whole Foods by our new house is SO big and has SO much stuff!  There are a couple places to eat inside and you will see people sitting at the counters/tables of the restaurant areas with a bottle of wine and having a nice meal.  We did the food bar where they weigh your plate and ate on the patio before doing our shopping – it was fun and just the right amount of activity for me!

Saturday had a 3 mile pace run on the schedule…………but I couldn’t do it.  I was still exhausted -even after sleeping almost 11 hours.  This was the first missed workout so far 5 weeks in to the plan and I almost beat myself up over it but I really, really wanted to listen to my body and was just EXHAUSTED so I skipped it hoping I’d feel well enough to get Sunday’s long run in.

Which we did!

But first a trip to the barn!  Athena had a lesson at 10 which was news to us as of 8am this morning.  SO plans to leave at 8 for our run were changed.  The upside to that is that we got to enjoy all of THIS!

Morning coffee and amazing scenery!

Morning coffee and amazing scenery!

Saying Hello to a four legged friend

Saying Hello to a four legged friend

Relaxing time with this hot guy!

Relaxing time with this hot guy!

Watched my Athena ride!

Watched my Athena ride!

It was a REALLY fun and relaxing morning at the barn – totally worth pushing back our run!  On the downside our run started at 11am which meant we were still running at “high noon” and beyond.    We also ran a hilly route so it was tough. Tony is coming back from being sick and I was just exhausted but we got it done……..but let’s not discuss pace…………

However we CAN discuss this  miss mash of leftovers which was fabulous post run!  I had a baked potato with leftover “Caulipower Alfredo Sauce” from Oh She Glows as well as a chopped salad and a falafel.  Oh, and a BudLight Lime with extra lime.  Every bite and sip was delicious!

Post Run Feast

Post Run Feast

Lastly, I am super duper BEYOND excited to start my Plant-Based Nutrition Certification through eCornell tomorrow.  I posted about it on Instagram and FB already.  This is one of the things I was referring to in my previous post about getting in my own way.  Tony was SO supportive of my decision to do this and thinks it will be great for me as well as for our family as a whole.  I will gain a lot of scientifically based knowledge about plant based eating – I’ll totally get my geek on!  I’ll blog about the course as I go through it.  Everything I’ve read has been extremely positive and I’m excited to experience the course for myself.

Now I’m off to buy some notebooks and pens for the first day of school!

I’m in my own way

I realized the other day, when making my goal list, that I’ve really been standing in my own way.


I find this frustrating although I know it’s all too common.  I even read a post on it over at Nicole’s site and it really resonated with me.   Since finishing HIM Puerto Rico I’ve been floundering – professionally, personally and athletically.  I have all these “goals” and “to dos” in my mind but have not made much progess towards any of them.  I’ve been the queen of excuses though.  Sure, some are legit (kind of) but most are just, well, excuses!  Here are some of the excuses / road blocks I’ve been using:

  • I’m so busy packing
  • I’ll do it after the move
  • I’ll get to it once the kids get settled in their new school
  • I have to wait till after my Michigan visit
  • I’ll register for that once we pay X bill off
  • I’ll do that once we get in to our OWN house
  • I’m tired / short of cash / old / busy
  • I don’t know anyone here
  • I have to work
  • I afraid my husband / kids / dog / cat / hermit crab won’t be on board with me

The last point is total BS since my husband has pretty much supported anything and everything I’ve ever wanted to do (Thanks Honey!)

Interestingly, I’ve been noticing SO many signs lately that indicate I need to move toward things  – could be coincidence (like when you decide to buy a certain car then you start to see it EVERYWHERE) but regardless, I’m using these little “signs” to  get it in gear.

SO today I registered for our half marathon in November.  And I’m registering for the Plant Based Certification through eCornell.  I’m really excited about this – if for not other reason then to increase my knowledge on the subject.  Three of us in the house are plant based and the other day Athena, unprompted, said she wanted to be plant based and cut down processed food.  I took that as another sign from the universe that I need to sign up.  September is the perfect time to start a class right?

I’ve also decided to re-frame my attitude around work.  I’ve been feeling burnt out but I realize that I am incredibly lucky to have a job where I’m now able to work from home and be there for my kids before and after school. My boss is great and my co-workers (currently remote but I use to work in person with them) are awesome.


It’s amazing how focusing on the positives of a situation versus the negatives can change your whole outlook!  I realize that is usually easier said than done but it is SO worth the effort.

A quick trip and some new goals!

So I went to Michigan for a quick trip to see family over the weekend.  It was great to spend some time with my mom, sister and aunt as well as see my dad and in-laws!  I packed a lot in to my 3 days there and am VERY happy that included getting my workouts in.

My trip involved food, wine, spray painting a lot of furniture, a 3 mile run Saturday and a 7 mile run Sunday.  Here is the weekend in pictures:

photo 1 photo 2 photo 3 photo 4 photo 5 photophoto-2

I also made a list of goals on the plane coming home.  My tendency toward anxiety and depression has been pretty high lately – I am assuming due to the move, etc.  Putting pen to paper and getting some solid goals and intentions down is helpful – it gives me focus and direction when I feel overwhelmed.  I’m excited to begin moving towards some things I’ve been thinking about for awhile now!  This involves some different races as well as some self study I’ve been meaning to start.  Maybe even a certification (or two!)

Happy Monday!

Hola from the ATL!

It’s been months since I’ve posted which I’m bummed about.  Life got insane with the HIM 70.3 training, trip and the relo from Iowa to Georgia.  But finally WE ARE HERE!  It was an insane few weeks getting the kids registered in school, spending countless hours chasing down immunization records and getting them Georgia compliant (no small feat) but alas, we are somewhat settled.  Oh, and there was the whole “horse shipping” thing too but we got it done and Trader is here as well and enjoying his new barn!

Trader and his new buddies!

Trader and his new buddies!

The Half Ironman race in Puerto Rico was a most amazing experience!  I managed to exceed my goal time and finish happy.  I’d recommend this race whole heartedly although I don’t have a lot to compare it to.   The only downside was the bike shipping – something I had not thought about when registering.  Apparently there is a Tri Bike Transport service but it didn’t ship from Iowa.  I ended up renting a bike box and flying my bike as oversized luggage.  Total cost about $350 which I believe is close to what Tri Bike charged.  Just something to think about should you register for a race that requires air travel!  Here are a few pics from the finish line.  My lips are a little blue but that always happens at the end of a race for me.  I actually FELT ok though and was SO excited to see my family at the finish!





I’d love to do another HIM and am looking at Raleigh in May 2015 and perhaps Steelhead in August 2015.  I have to get Tony in to the pool and to register as well.

Moving as a process stinks but we are enjoying Atlanta.  Thankfully the girls have adjusted nicely and found friends.  We are settling in to a routine and since I work from home and Tony mostly works from home we don’t have to deal much with extreme traffic situations!

Currently I’m training for a half marathon on November 8.  It looks fun and I am going to try hard to PR.  I am currently in week 4 of the  Hal Hignon Intermediate Plan and following it to the letter!  

I’m also pondering some educational opportunities.  I feel the need to set another goal but am a little lost as to what that should be at this time!  Hopefully time will tell.

Happy Tuesday!